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Season 6 (Xros Wars)
Season 2 (Adventure 02)
Season 1 (Adventure)
Season 3 (Tamers)
25 Years Later (season 2)
Season 4 (Frontier)
Season 5 (Savers)



Seven Digidestined, Tai, Matt, Izzy, Sora, Joe, Mimi, T.K. and Kari are unexpectedly transported to File Island in the Digital World. They each find their Digimon partners, Agumon, Gabumon, Tentomon, Biyomon, Gomamon, Palmon and Patamon. who learn to digivolve to more powerful Digimon with the help of the DigiDestined. At first their Digimon digivolve to the Rookie level and then they became Champions. Devimon, an evil Digimon, tries to destroy the Digi-Destined, but Patamon, T.K.'s partner, digivolves to champion form and defeats him. After Devimon's defeat, the Digi-Destined sailed to the continent of Server. Along the way they found tags which could hold crests. At Server, they encountered Etemon and his Dark Network. Once each of the Digi-Destined found their crests, Tai's partner Agumon was able to digivolve to his ultimate form, MetalGreymon, and defeat Etemon. The dimensional warp created by Etemon's defeat split up the Digi-Destined. They ventured around and most of their Digimon found the ability to digivolve to Ultimate level when they needed to. They eventually all found each other again and discovered that Myotismon, an evil Digimon, was planning to go to the real world to find the 8th Digi-Destined child. They got through Myotismon's gate and appeared back in their world. There they destroyed Myotismon's servants and found out that the 8th child was Tai's sister, Kari. They battled Myotismon and Kari's new partner, Gatomon, digivolved to her ultimate form, Angewomon, and seemingly defeated him. But he reappeared soon as VenomMyotismon, his more powerful Mega form. By fulfilling a prophecy, Tai and Matt's digimon were able to digivolve to their Mega forms, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, and defeat VenomMyotismon. Upon his defeat, a portal to the digital world appears. The Digi-Destined realize they are needed there and go into the portal. When they get back, they see mass destruction everywhere. They find out that time passes faster in the Digital World than in the real world, and that while they were gone, the 4 Dark Masters conquered the Digital World. They set out to stop them, and eventually destroy all four. Then the true face of evil, Apocalymon, revealed himself. The digi-destined fought him, and when it seemed that he would be defeated, he self-destructed, creating a giant explosion that could wipe out the Digital World. The Digi-Destined used their digivices to contain the explosion. They said good-bye to their Digimon partners and left for their own world, the Digital World saved.



3 years after Apocalymon was defeated, Tai received an emergency call from the Digital World. He went there and found that someone called The Digimon Emperor has come to the Digital World and is conquering it with the help of Dark Spirals, which let the Digimon Emperor control Digimon that have been hit by them. Digimon are unable to digivolve to Champion because of the Control Spires, towers that the Digimon Emperor built. Tai releases three golden balls of energy which go into the real world and become the digivices of three new Digi-Destined, Davis, Cody and Yolei. They go into the digital world and discover that they can use an ancient type of digivolution called Armor Digivolvution once they have collected their Digi-Eggs. Kari and TK also find digi-eggs of their own and the Digi-Destined go around the Digital World, collecting Digi-Eggs and saving Digimon from the Digimon Emperor. They find out that he is actually Ken, a kid who lives in their home city. Eventually, with the power of the Digi-Egg of Miracles and Wormmon, the Digimon Emperor's partner, the Digi-Destined manage to defeat the Digimon Emperor and make him realize all the bad things he has been doing. He joins the Digi-Destined and helps them fight against Arukenimon and Mummymon, evil Digimon who are using the Control Spires Ken made to create synthetic Digimon to attack the Digi-Destined. The Digi-Destined find the ability to DNA digivolve their Digimon together to create Ultimate-level Digimon to fight Arukenimon's Digimon. Arukenimon then creates Blackwargreymon, a very powerful Digimon who even Arukenimon herself can't control. He goes around destroying the Destiny Stones, magic rocks that keep the Digital World in balance, but is stopped by Azulongmon, a guardian Digimon who convinces Blackwargeymon to go search for his destiny. But then, Arukenimon and Mummymon go to the real world and make enemy Digimon appear there. The Digi-Destined go all around the world and defeat them, but soon after, Ken gets kidnapped. Oikawa, the man who created Arukenimon and Mummymon, reveals himself. He tries to create a portal to the Digital World and eventually succeeds. The power used to open the gate to the Digital World revives MaloMyotismon, an evolution of Myotismon from Season 1. Even with all the strength they have, the Digi-Destined could not defeat him. But, when it seemed that everything was doomed, Digi-Destined children all around the world used the power from their digivices to destroy MaloMyotismon and the Digital World was saved once again.



Takato, Rika and Henry mysteriously receive Digivices and Digimon partners. They go around Tokyo, defeating wild Digimon whenever they break from the Digital World to the real world. They gain the ability to digivolve to Champion level whenever Culumon, a small Digimon, is around. But they find out that Hypnos, a government organisation, is trying to destroy all Digimon. When Hypnos activates a program called Juggernaut, however, it backfires and lets more enemy Digimon into the real world. The Devas, 12 Digimon from the zodiac, appear and try to capture Culumon to bring into the Digital World. The Tamers become able to Digivolve to Ultimate level and try to stop them, but eventually Makuramon, the monkey Deva, captures Culumon. The Tamers decide to go into the Digital World to bring him back. In the Digital World, they encounter many dangers, but eventually make it to Zhuqiaomon, one of the 4 protectors of the Digital World. It was him who sent the Devas after Culumon. He almost defeats them, but another Sovereign Digimon, Azulongmon, saves the Tamers and convinces Zhuqiaomon that the Tamers are going to help them. He then reveals that the D-Reaper, a program created to eliminate excessively powerful Digimon, has gone corrupt and is destroying the Digital World. The Tamers, now all with the power to Digivolve to Mega, help fight it and return to the real world, but the D-Reaper follows them there. It captures Juri, one of the Tamers' friends, and starts destroying Tokyo. After a long fight, the Tamers finally defeat the D-Reaper by making it de-evolve. The real world and the Digital World are saved.



Takuya, Kouji, Zoe, J.P. and Tommy, five new Digi-Destined, are summoned to the Digital World by Ophanimon, one of the Guardian Angel Digimon of the Digital World. They arrive and soon find the power to Spirit Evolve to a Digimon. After some challenges, they arrive at the Forest Terminal and learn that another Guardian Angel Digimon, Cherubimon, became corrupt and captured the other two to rule the Digital World by himself. He also sent 5 Spirit Digimon to destroy the Digi-Destined. They learn that they must go to the Rose Morning Star to save Ophanimon and defeat Cherubimon. They make their way to there, finding their Beast Spirits, a more powerful form of Spirit Evolution, along the way. They also defeat the 5 Spirit Warriors, one of which turns out to be Koichi, Kouji's brother. Takuya and Kouji then digivolve to Hyper Spirit form and defeat Cherubimon, but the Royal Knights, Dynasmon and Crusadermon, appear and reveal that Cherubimon was just a way to collect fractal code for the revival of Lucemon, an evil Digimon that was defeated a long time ago. They defeat the Digi-Destined and start gathering more fractal code until almost all of the Digital World is consumed. Takuya and Kouji finally defeat them, but it's too late to stop Lucemon from getting revived. He is too powerful for the Digi-Destined, but then they make a final evolution and fuse together to form Susanoomon. He defeats Lucemon, but Lucemon then turns into Lucemon Satan Mode and goes into the real world. It seems that all hope is lost for the Digi-Destined, but Takuya encourages the others to not lose faith. They gather all their strength and defeat Lucemon, saving the real world and the Digital World.



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