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Daimon Masaru
Junior high student who likes to fight better than the 3rd serving of rice. When he meets someone that looks strong, he can't help but challenge them to a fight. After meeting and defeating the Digimon "Agumon" in a fight on a certain day, Agumon becomes his partner. Because of his latent powers which allowed Agumon to evolve, he becomes a member of DATS.


Tohma H. Norstein
The 14-year-old child genius who has graduated university. His ability is considered elite, even within DATS. He bases his operates on data and theoretical principals, and as such, his personality clashes with Daimon's. His mother is Japanese and his father is a prominent Australian aristocrat.


Fujieda Yoshino
This 18-year-old girl is the crimson point of Masaru's team. She acts like a big sister to Masaru and Tohma. She is shrewdly respectful, she considers it her job to push Masaru and Tohma, her ability level is very high, and she has a strong trust for her companions. Her favorite phrase is "palanquin set with jewels" (a woman who marries into wealth).

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