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Takuya Kanbara

Element: Fire
Human Spirit: Agunimon
Beast Spirit: BurningGreymon
Fusion Spirit: Aldamon
Hyper Spirit: KaiserGreymon

Takuya, like Tai, Davis and Takato, is an energetic leader who tends to jump before he looks. At first he acted irresponsibly, but then he learned that being a Digimon is more than he thought of at first....


Kouji Minamoto

Element: Light
Human Spirit: Lobomon
Beast Spirit: KendoGarurumon
Fusion Spirit: Beowulfmon
Hyper Spirit: MagnaGarurumon

Kouji is a lone kid like Matt, Ken and Rika. He refuses help from the other kids at first, but he is reunited with them and stays with them until he goes after Velgrmon, and evil form of his lost brother, Koichi.


Junpei Shibiyama

Element: Thunder
Human Spirit: Beetlemon
Beast Spirit: MetalKabuterimon
Fusion Spirit: RhinoKabuterimon
Hyper Spirit: None

Junpei or J.P. used to be a friendless kid who wanted to win others' friendship with magic tricks or chocolate bars. But when he becomes a Digidestined, he realised that you don't need magic tricks or chocolate to have friends.


Zoe Orimoto

Element: Wind
Human Spirit: Kazemon
Beast Spirit: Zephyrmon
Fusion Spirit: JetSilphymon
Hyper Spirit: None

After her trip to Italy, Zoe couldn't find any friends because all the girls thought she was too proud. She is the only girl in Frontier.


Tommy Himi

Element: Ice
Human Spirit: Kumamon
Beast Spirit: Korikakumon
Fusion Spirit: DaiPenmon
Hyper Spirit: None

Tommy is a little kid, like TK from Season 1, who is always picked on by people. His parents were always nice to him. His brother tried to tell him that that's not the way everyone was going to treat him, but he only understood that once he became a Digidestined.


Human Spirit: Duskmon (Corrupted), Lowemon
Beast Spirit: Velgmon (Corrupted), JaegerLowemon
Fusion Spirit: None
Hyper Spirit: None

Kouichi is actually Kouji's long-lost brother. Koichi was an evil Spirit Digimon, Duskmon, but when Kouji defeated him, he turned good again and his spirits were purified. At the end, he sacrificed himself so that the Digidestined could defeat Lucemon.

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