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Takato Matsuki
Digimon Partner: Guilmon
Red D-Power
Takato is a very gentle Digidestined. However, he is also very brave. He is the leader and drew his digimon on paper, which was brought to life after he slashed it through his D-Power. He has a red D-Power which later changed to a golden one. He's 10 years old.


Henry Wong
Digimon Partner: Terriermon
Henry is very wise and mature and doesn't like to take unnecessary risks. He was scared of Terriermon digivolving at first because he went out of control the first time he digivolved. He has a green D-Power and is 10 years old.


Rika Makino
Digimon Partner: Renamon
Rika was the Digimon Card Battle Queen until Ryo beat her. She is a tough loner at first, and thinks Digimon are only for fighting each other, but later realizes they are actually meant to be friends. She goes to a private school and is 10 years old. She has a blue D-Power digivice.


Jeri Katou
Digimon Partner: Leomon
Jeri became a Tamer later in the series. She has a hand puppet of a dog that she takes with her everywhere she goes. She is 10 years old and has a yellow D-Power digivice.


Kenta Kitagawa
Digimon Partner: MarineAngemon
Kenta is Takato and Kazu's friend. Just like Kazu, he becomes a tamer later is the series, when the Digidestined are in the Digital World. He is 10 years old and has a grey D-Power digivice.


Kazu Shiota
Digimon Partner: Guardromon
Kazu is Takato and Kenta's friend. He becomes a tamer after he comes to the Digital World. He first doesn't believe Digimon are real, but then finds out otherwise. He is 10 years old and has an orange D-Power.


Ryo Akiyama
Digimon Partner: Cyberdramon
Ryo was the champion of the Digimon Card Game. He later disappeared and went to the Digital World to train and combat evil. At 14, he is the oldest tamer and the most experienced one. He has a black and blue-coloured D-Power.


Suzie Wong
Digimon Partner: Lopmon
Suzie is 7 years old and seems to think that Digimon is all one big game. She used to play with Terriermon, her brother Henry's digimon, before she tamed the rabbit deva, Antylamon, who became her partner. She has a pink D-Power.

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