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Season 2 (Adventure 02)
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Season 2 (Adventure 02)
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Digidentined i season 2 ^


Davis Motomiya
Digimon Partner: Veemon
Davis is 11 years old and is the most outgoing one of the group. He tends to act before he thinks, has a crush on Kari and is jealous of TK for being Kari's friend. He is the new "goggle boy" leader and has the Digi-Eggs of Courage and Friendship. His digimon DNA digivolves with Ken's digimon


Ken Ichijouji
Digimon Partner: Wormmon
Ken was once the evil digimon emperor, terrorizing digimon and trying to take over the world. Once he was defeated, he wasn't evil anymore but still didn't like the digidestined. But once his digimon DNA digivolved with Veemon, Ken understood the meaning of friendship. He is 11 and has the Digi-egg of Kindness.


Kari Kamiya
Digimon Partner: Gatomon
Kari is 11 years old and is probably the most mature member of the new Digidestined. She is one of the original digi-destined. She is the owner of the Digi-egg of Light and her digimon DNA-digivolves with Yolei's digimon.


T.K. (Takeru) Takaishi
Digimon Partner: Patamon
T.K. was one of the original Digi-destined. He is calm and mature, way more so than in the first Digimon season. He has the Digi-egg of Hope and his digimon's DNA-digivolving partner is Cody's digimon.


Yolei Inoue
Digimon Partner: Hawkmon
Yolei is 11 years old and instantly attracted to any cute boy. She likes Ken at the beginning until she finds out he's the Digimon Emperor. She owns the Digi-eggs of Love and Sincerity. Her digimon DNA-Digivolves with Kari's digimon.


Cody Hida
Digimon Partner: Armadillomon
Cody is the youngest of the new digidestined, only 9 years old. However, he is the most seroius. He owns the Digi-eggs of Knowledge and Reliability and T.K.'s digimon is his digimon's DNA-digivolving partner.

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